Potential Hurricane Monday
Sep 30, 2015

In the next couple of days you should do a number of things to be prepared in case we do get a hurricane on Monday.

**Walk around the outside of your property, is there any trees or large dead branches over hanging your property? You might want to have them removed.
**Did you put away or secure all of your outside furniture?
**Are drains and gutters clear?
**Are there any loose shingles that can be secured so the wind does not get underneath and lift them off your roof?
**Review your insurance policies and leases for commercial properties, see if any changes or increases are needed.
**Look at basements or the lowest levels of the property is there anything of value or important papers that need to be elevated.
**You should also take pictures of the outside and inside of your property, all rooms and upload to the cloud for safe keeping.

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For every natural disaster involving claims with an insurance company, there are thousands of MAN MADE disasters that can potentially devastate homeowners and businesses. If you think buying insurance and being a policyholder (even from top rated Insurance Companies with catchy slogans and cute commercials) means that you’re covered…. THINK AGAIN!

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Qualified experienced Public Adjusters are property insurance experts. People realize that if the playing field is to be leveled they need an expert on their side to counter the significant resources of the insurance company. Because of our expertise, we get results for policyholders: Consistant, dramatic, measurable results (references available upon request).
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